Yorkie Puppies always need love!

Yorkies are a very delicate breed of dogs. You should never hit a dog, specially a Yorkie. Doing so is not only cruel, but it may make that Yorkie aggressive towards you. An abused dog is never a good pet. It will lose its trust towards you. Always show your puppy the love it deserves. Give it many hugs, rubs and caress its fur. Make sure your puppy knows that you love him/her. All dogs have similar reactions to being taken care of properly and being loved. They will either let their tongue show or they will wag their tails when they are happy. When they do this, make sure you praise them or give them a treat. Let them know that you are taking care of them and that you love them.

I myself have two Yorkie puppies and they love it when I give them treats and hugs! I pet their heads and carry them as if they were my children. Usually, when I am carrying them, they will curl up and lick my cheeks or my hand. This is typically a good sign and one that you should expect to have with new yorkie puppies.

This article is just meant to be a reminder that Yorkies are not like large dog breeds. They are very nice dogs and often they respond well to your positive actions. So don’t hit them! That would be a horrid act. Always show them your love.


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