Taking Care Of Your Puppy

A cute young yorkieThere are many ways to take care of your Yorkie. The most obvious way would be to feed it and give it water when it is thirsty. But there are other ways you can take care of your puppy. When your dog first gets to know you, it will smell you and its surroundings. When this happens, give it a treat or start talking to it. Say hello! Or better yet, caress its fur gently so that it knows that you are a kind and friendly person and not someone who is going to hurt it.

  1. The first step in training a new pup is simple and doesn’t require much thought. Like we’ve already mentioned, feeding your Yorkie would be the most obvious way to encourage it to trust you as its new owner.
  2. The second way of caring for your new pup would be to bathe it and making sure that it stays clean. It may not like it at first—because no puppy likes to get thrown into water and then rinsed with soap—but after it’s learned to trust you, it will no longer resist.
  3. Also, you may want to play with it when you’re free or when you have time. Having playtime with your puppy is utterly important as this is when it will grow fond of you, and you of it.

Source: (Yorkie Training)

You can find out more about how to train your Yorkie pup at forums such as chazhound.

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