Potty training your Yorkie pup

There comes a time in every new puppy owner’s life where they have to teach their pup how to potty. And by that, we’re talking about your puppy learning to do things in an orderly fashion and obeying rules. Your puppy needs to know that it can’t just pee or poo everywhere it wants to inside your house. That would leave a mess that you’d have to clean up.

So, to avoid this, you have to train it to either go outside or do its business at a specified spot like on newspapers or when out in the yard. Either way, you’re going to need help, so this is why I made this blog post. There are a lot of guides for this on the internet.

My favorite one comes from this blog where it teaches you to be patient and persistent when potty training your pup. One of the things I like about it is that it lists all of the basic starter points and techniques that you’ll need to know when you first train your puppy to poop where you want it to.

There are many methods and ways to go about this. For example, you can use a crate if needed or maybe a little padded box with newspapers where your dog knows it has to do its business there. In order for it to learn to do that, you need to do something called the treat-for-a-reward system. Basically, you give your Yorkie a reward in the form of a treat every time it does something right. Whenever it does something wrong or incorrect, you can simply tell it “no!” or take away its treat. This will make the Yorkie identify and connect together what is positive and what is negative. And it’ll learn eventually.

Also, remember that you are taking care of a living creature! You must always monitor his body language to see if he is ready to go or not. You can tell most of the time because he will spin around and start doing a circle around the spot he wants to pee in! So before he goes and does a mess on your carpet floor, grab it and take it outside!

Remember to go to the linked blog on top for more info.

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Taking Care Of Your Puppy

A cute young yorkieThere are many ways to take care of your Yorkie. The most obvious way would be to feed it and give it water when it is thirsty. But there are other ways you can take care of your puppy. When your dog first gets to know you, it will smell you and its surroundings. When this happens, give it a treat or start talking to it. Say hello! Or better yet, caress its fur gently so that it knows that you are a kind and friendly person and not someone who is going to hurt it.

  1. The first step in training a new pup is simple and doesn’t require much thought. Like we’ve already mentioned, feeding your Yorkie would be the most obvious way to encourage it to trust you as its new owner.
  2. The second way of caring for your new pup would be to bathe it and making sure that it stays clean. It may not like it at first—because no puppy likes to get thrown into water and then rinsed with soap—but after it’s learned to trust you, it will no longer resist.
  3. Also, you may want to play with it when you’re free or when you have time. Having playtime with your puppy is utterly important as this is when it will grow fond of you, and you of it.

Source: (Yorkie Training)

You can find out more about how to train your Yorkie pup at forums such as chazhound.

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5 Yorkie Puppy Pictures! Adorable little things

Searching for cute yorkie pictures? Here are some!

Cute little yorkie puppy sleeping
(Source: Pets4Homes.co.uk)

Adorable little Yorkie pup with a sweater looking at camera
(Source: Yorkietrainingtips.com)

Little yorkie walking
(Source: Tumblr)

Terrier teacup adorable puppy
(Source: m5x)

Yorkie pup tilting his head at the camera
(Source: PhotographyBlogger.net)

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Yorkshire Terriers 101 — The Origin of the Yorkie!

A cute yorkie picture!

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as they are more commonly known, are a breed of small dogs that developed in Yorkshire, England many many centuries ago. They were initially used as hunting dogs to get rid of small rodents like rats and other pests. They did a good job at that! Perhaps that’s why Yorkies today are so prone to yap at things and investigate their surroundings like tiny little hunters. Because, in a way, they are.

Reference: Wikipedia article on Yorkies

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Yorkie Puppies always need love!

Yorkies are a very delicate breed of dogs. You should never hit a dog, specially a Yorkie. Doing so is not only cruel, but it may make that Yorkie aggressive towards you. An abused dog is never a good pet. It will lose its trust towards you. Always show your puppy the love it deserves. Give it many hugs, rubs and caress its fur. Make sure your puppy knows that you love him/her. All dogs have similar reactions to being taken care of properly and being loved. They will either let their tongue show or they will wag their tails when they are happy. When they do this, make sure you praise them or give them a treat. Let them know that you are taking care of them and that you love them.

I myself have two Yorkie puppies and they love it when I give them treats and hugs! I pet their heads and carry them as if they were my children. Usually, when I am carrying them, they will curl up and lick my cheeks or my hand. This is typically a good sign and one that you should expect to have with new yorkie puppies.

This article is just meant to be a reminder that Yorkies are not like large dog breeds. They are very nice dogs and often they respond well to your positive actions. So don’t hit them! That would be a horrid act. Always show them your love.


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